Flashable SoftKeys for Nexus 7 stock roms

There's quite a few softkey mods around for various devices and roms but most of them contain too many pngs and they aren't the same size as those used on the Nexus 7.

I've modified & re-coloured a few and packaged them into flashable VRThemes which change just the softkeys and their highlight in SystemUI.apk on stock roms.

These VRThemes can be flashed in recovery (TWRP or CWM) or using the GooManager app. (Browse all files > devs > Spannaa > Nexus7_VRThemes > SoftKeys_Universal)

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1% Animated Battery Mod for Nexus 7 stock roms

The stock battery on the Nexus 7 only changes icons at 0%, 15%, 28%, 43%, 57%, 71%, 85% & 100% charge so I've modified it so that there are now icons for every 1% and they're also animated when the device is charging.

To do this, I made two sets of Base VRThemes which modify SystemUI.apk.

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Firefly Media Server

I've been running Firefly Media Server (svn-1586) on my Windows server for a while now (serving music to my Roku Soundbridge) but, as Firefly's development appears to have stopped, I didn't expect to see any more updates for the Windows version.

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Changing FCKeditor's background colour on focus

I've been working on a form which requires each element's background colour to change when it receives focus. This is fairly straightforward and just needs a simple JavaScript function to be called using the onfocus and onblur attributes on the form's elements to achieve the desired effect.

One of the textareas however, needed to have rich text capabilities so I decided to replace it with FCKeditor

Once I'd done this, I had to work out how to get FCKeditor to behave the same as the other form inputs.

Since the onfocus and onblur attributes can only be applied to the a, area, button, input, label, select and textarea elements I didn't appear to have anywhere to attach the attributes to.

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