Forest Blog and XHTML 1.0 Strict validation

When writing a new blog article or page (using TinyMCE), if you add a link which opens on a new window, it adds the invalid target="_blank" rather than rel="external". This causes any page containing these links to fail the W3C Markup Validation Service check.

To solve this, it was necessary to modify a couple of the core blog files.

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New version of Forest Blog released

Typical - just when I finish modifying the core files so that everything validates and the site looks pretty much how I want it to, Host Forest goes and releases a new version of Forest Blog!

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Site transfer complete

After a week's well deserved holiday in Lanzarote, I've finally finished transferring the useful stuff over from my old site.

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I've now transferred most of the content over from my original site and have started working on the CSS file to get the site looking more like how I want it to.

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