Firefly Media Server

I've been running Firefly Media Server (svn-1586) on my Windows server for a while now (serving music to my Roku Soundbridge) but, as Firefly's development appears to have stopped, I didn't expect to see any more updates for the Windows version.

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Lost Remote Desktop Connection

Yesterday, for some reason, I lost access to my Windows 2003 server via Remote Desktop Connection. Although it was still running and I could access FTP, HTTP. Mail and the Helm Control Panel, every time I tried to get a Remote Desktop Connection, the following error appeared:

"Remote Desktop Disconnected
The client could not connect to the remote computerRemote connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too busy to accept new connections. It is also possible that network problems are preventing your connection."

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Free dedicated server for a year!

I must admit I was more than a little suspicious of this offer when I first heard about it but it seems I was wrong. Within a couple of hours of signing up, my Windows 2003/Plesk server was up and running with the domain name and it works!

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Strange Internet connection behaviour

Over the past year, my Internet connection has been behaving pretty strangely. In a three month period from last November it slowed from it's normal 2500kbps to a ridiculously slow 400kbps and also began to drop out regularly.

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