Creating a wireless home network

Living in a three story house with my office in the loft meant that creating a reliable wireless network to cover the whole house wasn't as simple as I thought.

The signal from my wireless router just wasn't strong enough to enable the new PCs on the ground floor to get reliable and fast connections to the network and, when I bought a Roku Soundbridge to play music wirelessly in the lounge from iTunes on my main PC in the loft, it couldn't get a connection at all!

I decided to completely re-build the network and add a range extender to increase coverage.

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EntaNet speeds

After nearly four weeks of using Norfolk Internet/EntaNet as my ISP, I've now got fairly stable upload and download speeds.

The speeds do of course vary throughout the day - that's the nature of ADSL Max but, on the whole, they're pretty good and much better than I was expecting as my previous connection was limited to 1Mbs due to my distance from the exchange.

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New ISP Update

My migration from Pipex to Norfolk Internet/EntaNet went very smoothly and, so far, I'm very pleased with my new ISP.

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Imminent ISP move

After over four years of using Pipex as my ADSL broadband ISP, I'm finally moving to a new ISP tomorrow!

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