Additional form security using Session.SessionID

I've been having problems recently with attempted spamming exploits on my form to email scripts (i.e. users downloading forms, messing with them and then submitting them remotely to my form handling scripts) and thought I'd see if comparing the sessionID of the sending pages and form handling pages could help to weed out these dodgy submissions.

Nick Dunn suggested that it would be even more secure if the I used a hashed version of the SessionID.

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Grandson of Suckerfish?

I've used Son of Suckerfish dropdown menus on a few sites recently as it's the simplest and most accessible CSS-based dropdown menu solution around at the moment.

It works in most browsers and gets around Internet Explorer's lack of support for the li:hover pseudo-class by mimicking it with a few lines of JavaScript.

The only thing I don't like about Son of Suckerfish is that when using keyboard navigation (tabbing), the dropdowns don't open on focus.

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