Websites jumping again in Firefox 3

In Firefox, when viewing fixed width sites that are centred in the browser window using CSS, switching between pages that are longer and shorter than the browser's viewport causes them to jump sideways by about 15px.

This happens because Firefox, unlike IE, only displays a vertical scrollbar if the page's length is longer than the viewport.

To get around this, I've always added a line of CSS to the top of my stylesheets to force a vertical scrollbar to appear in Firefox:


Today, with the release of Firefox 3, I've discovered that this fix no longer works!

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Grandson of Suckerfish revisited

A project I'm currently working on requires a three-level, CSS, accessible drop-down menu.

As the Grandson of Suckerfish menu only supports two levels, I had to modify the JavaScript to enable tabbing to open and highlight the third level menu items too.

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An ASP included menu that highlights the current page

Whilst it's pretty easy to build a menu and highlight the current page's link using CSS and a "hook", I wanted to go one step further and automate the link highlighting and also have the whole menu in an included file.

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A simple method of reducing automated form submission spam

Since spambots generally fill in all text fields on a form, the simplest method of detecting whether or not the form has been submitted by a robot is to add a dummy text field to the form, hide it using CSS and then check if there's any content in the field on the form handling page.

If there is, the submission is likely to be spam, the form isn't submitted and the robot is redirected.

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