Strange Internet connection behaviour

Over the past year, my Internet connection has been behaving pretty strangely. In a three month period from last November it slowed from it's normal 2500kbps to a ridiculously slow 400kbps and also began to drop out regularly.

After a few phone calls to Entanet, I got a visit from a BT technician who plugged in his laptop, did a few tests and then fitted a new pre-filtered master socket and faceplate. This seemed to reduce the number of dropped connections but didn't increase the speed by much; I was only averaging around 1000kpps.

Over the next month or so the drop-outs returned and their frequency increased to the point where Entanet logged over two hundred over a three day period!

Out came another BT technician who tested everything and agreed that the fault was on the BT side of the master socket. He took a look at the overhead line from the house to the pole and suggested replacing it as it was very old. Once the new line was in, the dropped connections ceased altogether. The speed however still didn't rise much above 1000kbps.

I spent the next week trying to get Entanet to get BT to look at the line from the pole to the exchange. After a dozen or so calls I was told that although the speed was low compared with what I'd been getting over the previous six months, it was still within BT's limits and they couldn't/wouldn't do any more.

Speedtest/Time graphGraph showing steady increase in speed from May - Oct

Since then (and for no apparent reason) my connection speed has been increasing. In April, passed it's previous average of 2500kbps and I'm currently getting around 3800kbps!

My area of Cardiff is due to be switched on to BT's 21st Century Network (21CN) later this month let's just hope that this 'switch on' doesn't mess things up again.