Free dedicated server for a year!

I must admit I was more than a little suspicious of this offer when I first heard about it but it seems I was wrong. Within a couple of hours of signing up, my Windows 2003/Plesk server was up and running with the domain name and it works!

The offer:

OVH, the No. 1 French hosting company with more than 26,000 dedicated servers and networks with more than 160 Gbps of total bandwidth, would like to offer you a free trial of 100 dedicated servers for one whole year. It's a Celeron 2.0GHz with 160Gb of hard disk and 100Mbps of bandwidth. That's right, there are no strings attached with this offer and you can use of all its features for a variety of things, such as, building websites or storing data.
In exchange, all we ask of our testers will be to exploit it to its highest capability, by doing things such as, using the full bandwidth, testing the hardware, the re-installation of the system, checking the reboot and rescue system and then giving us feedback if there are any problems or incorrect functioning of the features. Along with this brilliant offer, we'll also give you a for free forever for each dedicated server so that you can test the secondary DNS and MX installations.

If you are interested in testing one of our 100 high quality free servers for a year, all you have to do is to contact us at Remember to be quick to ensure you get one.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post it on our growing and open forum at


OVH UK team