Lost Remote Desktop Connection

Yesterday, for some reason, I lost access to my Windows 2003 server via Remote Desktop Connection. Although it was still running and I could access FTP, HTTP. Mail and the Helm Control Panel, every time I tried to get a Remote Desktop Connection, the following error appeared:

"Remote Desktop Disconnected
The client could not connect to the remote computerRemote connections might not be enabled or the computer might be too busy to accept new connections. It is also possible that network problems are preventing your connection."

After attempting (without success) to enable Remote Desktop via RegEdit's Connect Network Registry, Marco @ OVH pointed out that port 3389 was closed and suggested I try using vKVM to find and fix the problem.

I logged in to OVH Manager, changed Netboot to vKVM and re-booted the server.

Five minutes later, an email arrived from OVH support giving me the vKVM URL, Username and Password and I was in.

OVH's vKVM is very slow, more than a little clunky and trying to control the mouse is a nightmare but, I managed to find the problem, edit the registry and shut down the virtualised server.

After changing Netboot back to hd and re-booting again, I had my Remote Desktop connection back!

One question though: how did the remote desktop port get changed from 3389 to 59001 in the first place?