Website down for two days

Apologies to anyone who has tried to view this site since Monday and found it not available.

Sometime on Monday, my MS SQL Server 2005 database got corrupted (probably due to my sloppy use of the DTS wizard when uploading a couple of new tables).

My latest non-corrupted backup was too old to be of any real use so I asked hopefully on the CS New Media helpdesk if they had MS SQL Server backups available.

Within a few minutes of answering my ticket, Carl (the owner of CSNM) had sorted out a working backup for me to download and I restored it very easily via myLittleBackup (which CS New Media have installed).

Everything is now back as it should be (and I'll be taking regular backups myself from now on).

I'd just like to take the opportunity to say "thanks Carl - I'd have been more than a little stuck without your help on this".