Firefly Media Server

I've been running Firefly Media Server (svn-1586) on my Windows server for a while now (serving music to my Roku Soundbridge) but, as Firefly's development appears to have stopped, I didn't expect to see any more updates for the Windows version.

I was wrong!

A recent Google found a promising article entitled "Where to get the latest version of FireFly for your Windows Home Server" in which the author (Andreas M) explains how to extract the latest version of Firefly Meda Server from the HP MediaSmart Server Update 2.5

By following Andreas M's tutorial I've now got Firefly Media Server (svn-1737) running on my NAS.

Download Firefly Media Server svn-1737 for Windows (9.32 MB) (GNU General Public License)
Developer: Ron Pedde

Reference (Wikipedia):